One Week



I am a big movie buff. I really enjoy kicking back and watching a good movie.  Some of my favorite types of movies are those that make you think.

Tonight I watched One Week with my brother and aunt. My brother first mentioned the movie a couple of months ago but I had not watched it yet and neither had my aunt. 

One Week is about a guy named Ben, played by Joshua Jackson, in his late 20's early 30's who finds out he has stage four cancer. The doctor tells him he needs to start treatments right away. Success rate for his type of cancer is only 10%.

After talking with the doctor Ben buys a motorcycle and decides he is going to take a trip across Canada on his motorcycle. Ben tells his fiancé about his cancer and his trip. He tells her he needs time to "find himself."

He begins his journey in Toronto heading west seeing many landmarks. Along his trip he meets various people and learns more about himself and "who he is." 

One of my favorite things about watching the movie was the time he sent in Alberta. I served an LDS Mission in southern Alberta and so it was fun for me to see these places that were in my mission. He visits the Worlds Largest Teepee in Medicine Hat, the Dinosaur Park in Drumheller and Banff National Park

He continues on to the ocean in British Columbia and accomplishes his goal of making his way west. 

The whole movie is narrated with information about Ben and his movements throughout Canada. The last thing that the narrator states is a question asking what you would do if you found out you had only one week left to live. Where would you go? What would you do? Who would you want to meet?

Back in July Apple released their new version of OS, Lion. I am a total Mac person, but I must say, I was not happy with Lion at all! 

I installed it just a few days after it was released and it only took me about 30 minutes to realized that I did not like it. Simple little settings that I really love about OS Snow Leopard were all of a sudden gone! Some of my favorite gestures used on my trackpad were no longer available in Lion. 

For instance, I really liked being able to swipe four fingers left/right to be able to select running applications. In Lion they took that feature away and instead that moves between screens, which I never wanted to use. I never got used to the four finger swipe in Lion. I was still used to the Snow Leopard gesture and it would frustrate me every time I wanted to switch between applications.

Also, I really liked being able to swipe four fingers down for Exposé and see all the applications open all at once or being able to swipe four fingers up to see the desktop. I often will save a file onto my desktop rather than the Downloads folder for quick access. 

With Lion I was not able to customize my own gestures - fail 1.

My MacBook Pro is almost 3 years old. I bought it in January of 2009. Macs are know for their longevity and quality. Even while running Snow Leopard, I never felt like my computer was running slowly. It seemed to always run just as fast as the day I bought it in the Apple store. However immediately after installing Lion I noticed a significant difference in the speed of my computer. At first I thought that it was no big deal. I would get used to it - NOT! After running Lion since the end of July I was so frustrated at how slow it was making my computer.

Apple disappointed me in a large part because of how slow Lion made my computer run! - fail 2.

Auto Save - I really liked the concept of Auto Save. I have had a couple instances where I myself have not saved a document and I ended up loosing it because I did not save before I quite the application. I thought this would be a great new feature.

However, I soon got annoyed of this feature because of some simple settings that I think should not be incorporated, unless the user specifies that they want it. With Auto Save, if you were to close an application such as Pages, TextEdit or any similar application you would not be prompted to save the document. The application would immediately close. The next time you opened up the application ALL documents in that application that were in use the last time you closed it would all open up automatically. I myself did not like this! There are many times where I open up TextEdit just to simply copy something real quickly from a web page, blog, etc. that I need to use for a little bit. I don't technically want to create a document of what I copied and with those instances I never want to save the doc. But with Auto Save, all documents would automatically save and re-open the next time I opened the application. The only way a document wouldn't auto save is if I hit ⌘+w or clicked the red circle in the upper-left hand corner of the open window. It would then ask me if I wanted to save the doc.

In my opinion, the Auto Save would have been a great feature if it worked like Microsoft Office on a PC. Did I really just give a compliment to something Microsoft?? haha. Yes, I did. The auto save feature is great when the application crashes or when you accidentally close the program and don't save. There should be a recovery or auto save dialog or window in the application to open the saved document.

In all, it was annoying to me that every time I opened up Pages or similar application, previous windows would also open, making me go back and manually close them and tell them NOT to save.

Those are just a few reasons why I was NOT a fan of OSX Lion. So, what did I do? I reverted back to Snow Leopard! Yes, it was kind of a pain to restore all my files and applications, but it has been so worth it to me! If you are one of those wanting to restore back to Snow Leopard, here is the website that I found the instructions on how to revert back to Snow Leopard:

It's been a couple of weeks and I have wanted to write another post, but I just haven't gotten around to it until now. I wanted to write about my second time going skydiving.

As soon as I went the first time, my dad said he wanted to go. My grandma (of all people) also said she wanted to go! My brother said "if grandma and dad are going, I'll go." So, we planned on going on October 22. Well of course as soon as I scheduled it I knew something would happen where we someone or all of us wouldn't be able to go. Well literally about 3 hours after I called SkyDive Ogden my grandma called me and sais he tore her rotator cuff! So, in the end she wasn't able to come with us - this time...

Anyway, Saturday morning we woke up and headed up to Ogden. My mom wanted to come and watch us. For about a week before we went we kept trying to talk my mom into going, but she kept saying that she would never do it! Even on the drive up there I told her "it's not too late!" I think she was getting a little annoyed that we kept trying to get her to go.

We got there and went in to go pay and sign our lives away (literally). Soon after we got there a group already in the plane was about jump. We walked out of the hanger to watch them and again I tried to talk my mom into it. Still, she was not convinced. There were about 3 groups before us and just as that third group left, my mom asked "Is it really not that scary?" I immediately responded and said NO! So many people who have never done it are scared, but they don't know what they are scared from. I told her this and also told her that I KNEW she would love it if she would just try it! She sat there for a few seconds and I could just see that she was seriously contemplating it. After about 20 seconds she said "Okay..." Really!? She just said okay?? My dad, brother and I ran over to the counter and said to the lady that we just talked our mom into going and that we needed to sign her up since we were the next group going!

I cannot believe we finally talked her into it! It was awesome! And sure enough, she LOVED IT! As soon as we got down to the ground she said that she wanted to go again!  
We all had a blast! Now we just need to get my other brother, Fred and his wife Mary Ann and my grandma! My mom said that she wants to go next June for her 50th birthday! So, if you are wanting to go skydiving, we will be going again next June!!

I think I myself will have a hard time waiting that long! If I don't go sooner, I'll be sure to post about going skydiving again in June with the whole family!