This is the third post in my series "I Went Mac, But Then I Went Back." If you want to catch up on the previous posts, click the links below:

The last three posts have been about various features and specs that I have on my new laptop and reasons why I went back to a Windows computer after being a Mac guy for 5 years. Although I love my new laptop and am enjoying all of those features mentioned in previous posts, there are some things that I do miss from my Mac.

  • The track pad on my Mac seemed to be a bit more responsive and worked a bit better than my new laptop. My new laptop's track pad sometimes right-clicks when I don't want it to and there are some finger gestures that I had on my Mac that don't work on PCs. Even with those small differences, I mainly use my bluetooth mouse when I am using my laptop, so I don't use the track pad very much anyway.
  • I really enjoyed using Apple's Pages program, which is similar to Microsoft Word. I mainly used that program for page-layout documents, which I found to be very easy to make in Pages. I have Adobe Creative Cloud on my new laptop, so I want to learn how to use Adobe In-Design, which is a lot more advanced than Pages but I will also be able to do a lot more with it.
  • My new laptop looks like it is made of aluminum, just like my Mac Book Pro, but it is make of painted plastic to look like aluminum. The "feeling" of my old Mac felt more durable and strong than my new laptop. I'm not afraid of my new laptop breaking or anything, I just liked the solid feeling of the aluminum on my old laptop.
  • I am a big fan of Apple's power cord. The transformer had two hooks that I could wind up the cord in a nice and organized way. My new laptop's transformer is a bit bigger and the cord doesn't wind up as well. I know, that sounds really picky, but it is something that I do miss from my old laptop.
  • Preview - Preview is a program that comes built into every Mac for viewing images, movies and PDFs. I really like this program. I don't know if the preview feature of hitting the spacebar was part of Preview or just something built into Macs. However, I really liked this feature. If I had a list of images I could just hit the spacebar and the image would pop up with a good sized preview of the image. I could just hit my arrow key and it would scroll through each of the images. I have tried to find an alternative for Windows but have not had much success.
  • Over the last several years I have written in my journal using an app called One Day. As of right now it is only for Mac and iOS. Their website says that they will one day have an Android app, but no mentions of a Windows based software. I was at least able to export all of my journal posts over the last several years into a rich-text document. One thing I learned from that experience is that I don't want an operating system dependent journal application. I have been looking for an application that works on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android, but I have not found one yet. I think the best option would be to just do it online using Google Drive or something, but I haven't found a good way of doing that.

Those few differences that I miss from my old laptop are pretty small and don't make that much of a big deal, except for my journal. I just wanted to do a post where I could at least give some of the good things about my old laptop that I miss and will miss in the future. I am sure as time passes I will find other things that I miss about my Mac, but I will also find other new things I love about Windows or software that is available for my new computer.