In November 2006 I left on an LDS Mission to Canada. I served in the Canada Calgary Mission. Before my mission I had never been to Canada. All I knew about Canada was that it was cold and their country's flag had a big maple leaf on it.

I have been home from my mission for over 3 years. I have been back a couple of times and I look forward to going back again in October for the Calgary Temple open house.

The next couple of posts will be some of the things I love most about Canada and the things that I miss most as well!

Cardston Alberta Temple

The Cardston Alberta Temple was the 6th operating LDS temple. It was announced 27 June 1913, the site was dedicated 27 July 1913 by Joseph F. Smith. It took 10 years for the temple to be completed. It was dedicated 26-29 August 1923 by Heber J. Grant.

For more facts about the Cardston Alberta Temple, visit the the Official Website or

5 Pin Bowling

5 Pin Bowling or "Canadian Bowling" is SO fun! I had never heard of 5 Pin Bowling until one of the first weeks I was there. On one of our P-Days (Preparation Day - day for doing laundry, shopping and selected activities) we went and had a lot of fun bowling. I was quite shocked to walk in the bowling alley and see that there were only 5 pins held up by strings and the bowling balls were small enough to grip and didn't have any holes to put your fingers in. I really miss 5 Pin Bowling and wish I could find a place here in Utah that had it!

The Extreme Cold

I know I said these posts were going to be about things I miss and love about Canada, but I am also going to share those few things that I DO NOT miss about Canada - the cold is the main thing!

I have never been a fan of the cold. In fact, before I got my mission call and people were asking me where I wanted to go I said I didn't care where I went I just didn't want to go somewhere cold. Well, I think I jinxed myself by saying that.

Below are some photos of how cold it was!

One Week



I am a big movie buff. I really enjoy kicking back and watching a good movie.  Some of my favorite types of movies are those that make you think.

Tonight I watched One Week with my brother and aunt. My brother first mentioned the movie a couple of months ago but I had not watched it yet and neither had my aunt. 

One Week is about a guy named Ben, played by Joshua Jackson, in his late 20's early 30's who finds out he has stage four cancer. The doctor tells him he needs to start treatments right away. Success rate for his type of cancer is only 10%.

After talking with the doctor Ben buys a motorcycle and decides he is going to take a trip across Canada on his motorcycle. Ben tells his fiancé about his cancer and his trip. He tells her he needs time to "find himself."

He begins his journey in Toronto heading west seeing many landmarks. Along his trip he meets various people and learns more about himself and "who he is." 

One of my favorite things about watching the movie was the time he sent in Alberta. I served an LDS Mission in southern Alberta and so it was fun for me to see these places that were in my mission. He visits the Worlds Largest Teepee in Medicine Hat, the Dinosaur Park in Drumheller and Banff National Park

He continues on to the ocean in British Columbia and accomplishes his goal of making his way west. 

The whole movie is narrated with information about Ben and his movements throughout Canada. The last thing that the narrator states is a question asking what you would do if you found out you had only one week left to live. Where would you go? What would you do? Who would you want to meet?