Tonight was a great night! I got together with some of my great friends from across the country.

My friends Thomas MacEntee and Lisa Alzo have been in town this week for Leiland Meitzler's Christmas Tour. They are two of his presenters this year.

Thomas, Lisa and I got together with two of our other really good genealogy friends, DearMYRTLE and Mr.MYRTLE. We went to dinner at the Garden Restaurant at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake City.

Although I have lived in Salt Lake City my whole life (except for my 2 years in Canada) I have never been to the Garden Restaurant until tonight! It was delightful. I had a nice piece of chicken, asparagus and fettuccine alfredo. 

It is always nice to get together with my genealogy friends who live across the country. Of course we talked about genealogy, but it was also nice to catch up with one another's personal lives and to hear about what each of us have been up to since the last time we all saw each other.

I think the next time all of us will be in the same place again will be at RootsTech in March.