It's been a couple of weeks and I have wanted to write another post, but I just haven't gotten around to it until now. I wanted to write about my second time going skydiving.

As soon as I went the first time, my dad said he wanted to go. My grandma (of all people) also said she wanted to go! My brother said "if grandma and dad are going, I'll go." So, we planned on going on October 22. Well of course as soon as I scheduled it I knew something would happen where we someone or all of us wouldn't be able to go. Well literally about 3 hours after I called SkyDive Ogden my grandma called me and sais he tore her rotator cuff! So, in the end she wasn't able to come with us - this time...

Anyway, Saturday morning we woke up and headed up to Ogden. My mom wanted to come and watch us. For about a week before we went we kept trying to talk my mom into going, but she kept saying that she would never do it! Even on the drive up there I told her "it's not too late!" I think she was getting a little annoyed that we kept trying to get her to go.

We got there and went in to go pay and sign our lives away (literally). Soon after we got there a group already in the plane was about jump. We walked out of the hanger to watch them and again I tried to talk my mom into it. Still, she was not convinced. There were about 3 groups before us and just as that third group left, my mom asked "Is it really not that scary?" I immediately responded and said NO! So many people who have never done it are scared, but they don't know what they are scared from. I told her this and also told her that I KNEW she would love it if she would just try it! She sat there for a few seconds and I could just see that she was seriously contemplating it. After about 20 seconds she said "Okay..." Really!? She just said okay?? My dad, brother and I ran over to the counter and said to the lady that we just talked our mom into going and that we needed to sign her up since we were the next group going!

I cannot believe we finally talked her into it! It was awesome! And sure enough, she LOVED IT! As soon as we got down to the ground she said that she wanted to go again!  
We all had a blast! Now we just need to get my other brother, Fred and his wife Mary Ann and my grandma! My mom said that she wants to go next June for her 50th birthday! So, if you are wanting to go skydiving, we will be going again next June!!

I think I myself will have a hard time waiting that long! If I don't go sooner, I'll be sure to post about going skydiving again in June with the whole family!


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