Today was awesome!! First, I woke up at about 6:30 so I could go to the Santo Domingo LDS Temple! I went with my new friend Sonni. I took a Guagua a few blocks west to Sonni's house and then we took a carrito (a taxi) to the temple. We went to the 9:00 session. The temple is so beautiful! As stated in a previous post, people don't have grass here in Dominican Republic, the the temple grounds do, and the landscaping is so gorgeous.

After the temple Sonni and I went and met up with some other classmates who went to Zona Colonial, the old historic part of the city. It took us a while to get there because we had to walk a ways and then take a Guagua. I bought a really awesome "Double Sixes" dominos game that is hand made! I'm excited to show it to Grandma since she is the one who taught me how to play it!

After Zona Colonial our group went to the beach again! But this time we went to Juan Dolio instead of Boca Chica. Juan Dolio is a bit further than Boca Chica, but the extra 15 minutes is worth the drive! That beach is so much more beautiful, less crowded, less people trying to sell you stuff and it has waves!!

We spent the afternoon there until about 7pm. Not everyone in our group went, but I think the was about 15 of us. I took some awesome pictures of this beach, but again, I can't upload them because I can't get them off my camera until I can use Joca's computer.

Our taxi driver dropped us off in Zona Colonial and then we took Guaguas back to our houses. If the taxi driver took each of us back to our individual houses he would have charged us about 400 pesos more per person. So, instead we only paid 25 pesos each and it probably took us about the same amount of time it would have taken with the taxi - maybe a little bit longer.

When I got home last night there were more family members at my house again. I don't think there has been a night where I haven't come home and had more people to meet and visit. I feel bad, but I don't remember hardly any of their names... But, if they are over as much as they were this last week then I'm sure ill have it all down when I leave at the end of June.