Today was really fun! We had class as usual from 9-2:30, with a one hour lunch break at noon.

Class today was kind of interesting. Like I said yesterday, I think my teacher is just getting a feel of how much we already know and what we need to learn next because there wasn't "teaching" that really went on in class today, but rather we just sat in a circle, reviewed our homework assignment from yesterday and then just talked until lunch. The teacher said we could talk about anything, but of course it had to be in Spanish. If anyone said anything on English she would stop them and tell them to say it in Spanish. After lunch it was pretty much the same thing.

After class our whole class went to Boca Chica!! We were all anticipating going to the beach ever since we got there! The car ride, which we rented three large taxi-vans (actual taxis and not Guaguas, the buses I talked about before). The car ride was about 40 minutes but thankfully those taxis have air conditioning!!

The beach was fun! I was a little disappointed because Boca Chica is more like a lagoon than a beach. There is a large rock wall that has been built a couple hundred yard out in the ocean which keeps the waves from coming in to shore. The waves are actually one reason I really wanted to go to the beach! I like it when the waves crash up against you and push you back.

There was also a ton of people walking around trying to sell us stuff. They would just walk up to us, hold put their products and try to get us to buy them. We would tell them no, but they would still just stand there. I think they stood there because they were looking at all of the "white girls" in their swim suites! Haha.

I took some pictures, but I forgot to bring my SD card adapter from home that connects to my iPad... I will have to wait until Joca, my host brother, gets home and I can use his laptop.

When I got home my family had some of their relatives over again. I sat down and visited with them for a bit. They speak so fast though! I have a hard time understanding them. I can pick out a couple words or phrases in their sentences, but it is hard to follow the conversation with only a couple words here and there.
(This post was written in my journal and I just copied it over. I say "today" but it was on Thursday)

Today our first day of having our actual class. We met at the library and had immediately got inky our classes.

My teacher's name is Veronica. I like her a lot. She is really funny and I feel like I will be able to learn a lot from her. At the beginning of the class she wanted to get to know us all better, so we went around the room and introduced ourselves and said what we like to do. Each person had to start with the first person who introduced themselves and go down the line repeating what each person before them said until the got to themselves and introduced themselves.

For lunch we went to La Sirena again. We only have an hour lunch before we have to go back to class, so we weren't able to walk around a ton.

When we went back to class our teacher had us write paragraphs about ourselves, again to get to know us better. I think she was also wanting to get an idea of what we already know, what we need to learn and want we each need to improve on.

After class our whole group decided to go down by the ocean to the park and play volleyball. Although we were right next to the ocean, there is no beach directly in the city - at least not big enough or clean enough you would want to swim in. It is really sad because there is so much garbage in the ocean in the city. The closest beach is Boca Chica, which is about 30-40 minutes east of the city.

When we were at the park playing volleyball some of us got ice cream, which was so good! The volleyball court is directly next to the main street that passes the park, which is a bad idea... Needless to say as they were playing the ball went into the street and a car purposely ran over it! It made quite a loud pop noise too!

After we couldn't play volleyball anymore most of the group decided to go to Zona Colonial, the historic district of the city. Three of us, Alex, Sonni and I decided not to go. Instead, we went to a movie. Alex and Sonni wanted to go see the new Star Trek movie. I saw it in Utah already, but since it was only $150 pesos (a little over $3) I didn't mind seeing it again. Also, on Wednesdays the movies are only $100 pesos! It's awesome that movies are so cheap here!!

That was pretty much my day on Thursday.