¡Hola amigos! I know it has been a while since I have posted on the blog. I really wanted to make a post every day, but I have been really busy and a tragic thing happened - my iPad broke with days of me arriving here in the Dominican Republic! (don't worry, nothing tragic has physically happened to me or any of my fellow students)
For all of you with a Smart Cover for your iPad, beware! They day my iPad broke I was simply laying in bed before going to sleep, checking Facebook, reading blogs, uploading photos to my Flickr account, etc.  Everything was fine. There was no sign of any kind of damage to my iPad.
Then, when I was ready for bed I simply attached the Smart Cover to my iPad. For those of you unfamiliar with iPads and the Smart Covers you can buy for them, they are a magnetized cover that connects to the side of your iPad (which also has magnets that line up with the Smart Cover magnets) The Smart Cover is an Apple product - it is not a third-party product. Apple designed the iPad and the cover to compliment each other.
Well, as soon as I attached the cover to my iPad the screen started freaking out! The screen started flickering with all sorts of lines, colors, dots, etc. It reminded me of the olden days back in the 90's when there would be nothing on the television late at night and every channel was just static. (Yes I know, the 90's is not the "olden days" but give me a break; I was born in 1987 so the early 90's is considered old for me.)
Needless to say, I said a few choice words! I spent the next hour trying to fix it or figure out what happened. Luckily I had my cell phone, so I connected it to the wifi and searched the Internet for similar instances. I ended up finding some posts where the same thing happened to their iPads, also caused when they attached their Smart Cover to their iPad! It appears that it is a rare hardware issue and that I need to take my iPad into an Apple Store and have them replace my iPad. Unfortunately there is not an Apple Store here in the Dominican Republic so I have to do it when I get home... I did not bring my laptop on the trip - only my iPad and cell phone. I figured I would be just fine with my iPad since it was able to accomplish everything I would have needed over the next 5 weeks. Well, just a few days into the trip it broke...
Why couldn't this have happened before I came here, or even a few days before I leave to go back home? No, it had to happen at the beginning of my trip leaving me with only my cell phone for Internet and my homework in class - which is absolutely horrible to do on such a little device as my phone! So, Im know what I am doing on the morning of Saturday, 29th of June - I am going down to the Apple Store and and going to tell them that they need to replace my iPad since their own product broke it.
Anyway, enough about my iPad... I just wanted to vent a little bit. Now, onto the more interesting stuff. The past few weeks have been... what's a good phrase... eventful and enlightening. More to come in my next post.


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