The other day I was working on my final project for the Multimedia Graphics class. I was searching the Library of Congress website for a cool photograph to use in my project. I came across this great photo of a boy and a hand cart. 

The photo is of a boy named Geo. Rabholz. He was 14 years old when the photo was taken. The photo was taken at 724 Main Street in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was delivering bundles (likely paper) for a printing office. The photo was taken in August 1908.

The photographer was Lewis Wickes Hine, who lived from 1874-1940. The photograph is included in the National Child Labor Committee Collection on Library of Congress website. There are some pretty interesting photos included in this collection.

Below is my copy of the photo after I edited it with Photoshop.
This editing technique I used makes the subject of the photo "pop" out of the white frame. I found a great tutorial during this semester on how to create cool photos like this and so I decided I would make my final project in my Multimedia Graphics class the theme of "3D Photos." Below are some more photos I used in my final project. They are my own personal ancestral photos.
This image was created from a couple of photos I took of my flash drive. After taking the photos I used Photoshop to create what eventually started looking like a flower.




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    November 2013